Bellingham Physical Therapy is Updating our Safety Policy

Statewide Mask Mandate ends Monday, April 3

To coincide with the end of Washington’s statewide mask mandate in health care settings, we at Bellingham Physical Therapy are updating our policy. Nothing is more important than the health and safety or our team members and patients. Masks have been instrumental in allowing us to remain open and to safely provide care to our patients throughout the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we are navigating the transition from public health emergency to living with endemic COVID as part of daily life, we recognize there are many benefits of allowing patients and staff to abstain from wearing masks, including breathing more easily during exercise and enhanced nonverbal communication.

Our Policy

In accordance with guidance provided by Washington State Department of Health, masking will now be optional for all patients and staff at Bellingham Physical Therapy, except for the following situations:

  • Many of our staff members may continue to wear masks and will be supported in doing so.
  • Clinicians and staff are happy to accommodate any patient who would like masks to be worn during their appointment.
  • We will also ask anyone who has a cough or any residual symptoms from illness to wear a mask.
  • To keep everyone safe and healthy, we ask anyone with symptoms of an active illness to opt for a telehealth appointment, or to reschedule their appointment.
  • We ask that anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 infection to abstain from attending in person physical therapy for at least 5 days or symptoms are significantly improved, and to wear a mask for at least 10 days following their positive test.

Keeping Everyone Safe

We will continue to practice handwashing and ask patients and visitors to do the same. Our vigorous cleaning and sanitizing practices will continue. If you would like to wear a mask, please do. If you would like us to wear a mask during your visit, we will be happy to. We will monitor conditions in our community, the health of our patients and staff, and health department guidelines, and adjust our policies accordingly. Please check back here for any updates.

We look forward to seeing your faces!


Winter 2023


Welcome to Bellingham Physical Therapy’s first-ever newsletter! Over the past year, Bellingham Physical Therapy has gone through some new and exciting changes. We want to share those changes with you and keep you in the loop about everything that is going on at our clinic. We created this newsletter to share any news or exciting events we have in the future. We want you all to know how much we value being a part of the Bellingham community, and we look forward to providing unrivaled physical therapy services to all our patients.

Ownership Change

As you may already know, after 41 years as the owners of Bellingham Physical Therapy (BPT), John and Marcia McWilliams decided it was time to retire in January 2022. While we dearly miss John and Marcia, the ownership of Bellingham Physical Therapy has passed into the more than capable hands of Heather Kreizenbeck. Heather has been a Physical Therapist at BPT for more than 20 years, and she is committed to continuing John and Marcia’s mission to provide excellent physical therapy services to every patient that walks through our door. She has many exciting plans for the future of BPT, some of which we have already begun to implement. In the last year, we converted to an electronic medical records system, got a new phone system, started a personal training/wellness program, added new staff members, and updated our website. Stay tuned to see what is coming next.

Electronic Medical Records System

One of the biggest changes we have made in the last year is the implementation of an electronic medical records system. This system will allow us to streamline all our patient scheduling, chart information and billing so that our clinicians can spend more of their time treating patients and less time on paperwork. It also makes retrieval of patient information much easier and convenient for administrative purposes and for communication between physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. Each patient will also be able to create their own patient portal. In the portal, they can track their prior appointments, view upcoming appointments, make payments, complete forms, sign up for our waitlist, cancel appointments, and set appointment reminder notifications. We are excited to have implemented this system at our clinic and look forward to spending more time treating our patients; which is what we love to do!

Personal Training

2023 has seen the launch of a personal training program at Bellingham Physical Therapy. We believe that movement is an essential part of life, and we aim to encourage our patients to continue moving even after they are done with physical therapy. Our goals with personal training are to promote enjoyment through movement and provide education on safe exercise practices. Personal training will not be covered by insurance, but we offer training packages or pay-as-you-go options to make it affordable for most budgets. If you are interested in personal training, talk to your physical therapist, and book an appointment with a receptionist or online. Personal Training will be done with our certified personal trainer Jessica Wilcox, NASM-CPT. Jessica has been a member of the BPT team since 2016 and is excited to embark on this new journey. If you have questions about Personal Training or wish to learn more, visit our website, or email Jessica ( Personal Training is the first step we are taking towards implementing a wellness program which will eventually include nutrition, and health coaching.

New Faces

Those of you who have been patients with us for a while may have noticed some fresh faces around the clinic. We have added several new members to our team including two physical therapists: Lane Williams-PT, DPT and Eric Eschelbach-PT, DPT, QMHA and a physical therapist assistant: Nathan Wright-PTA. Join us in welcoming them to the BPT family and do not hesitate to say hello. If you would like to get to know them or any of our staff better, go check out our staff bio page.


Speaking of websites, we have been working on updating and improving our website. If you have not looked at it in a while, go to and see the changes we have made. In between these newsletters, make sure to check in occasionally with “What’s New” on our website to stay up to date with what is happening at Bellingham Physical Therapy. We will be posting more content on our Facebook and Instagram pages, such as videos, news, updates, pictures, and fun events so make sure to find us on Facebook and Instagram.

A Call for Artists

We recognize that there are many talented artists in our local community, and we would like the opportunity to partner with some of them. Artists who partner with us will have the chance to display their art to many people at our busy clinic. The artists can include their contact information and a price for each piece on display. We will be happy to connect artists to anyone who is interested in buying a piece of their art. In return we get to keep our clinic full of beautiful local artwork. Artists who partner with us will loan us several pieces of their artwork to be hung up around the Bellingham Physical Therapy clinic for 6-8 weeks (about 2 months). We will then rotate to a new artist display for the following two months. If you are an artist, or know of an artist who might be interested in this partnership, please email Jessica ( to discuss this opportunity in more detail.

Thank You

We hope you enjoyed reading our first ever newsletter! It is important to us to keep our community up to date with what is happening at Bellingham Physical Therapy. We hope to send out a newsletter every 3-4 months, so be sure to follow our social media pages and check our website for upcoming news or events. As always, it is our pleasure to serve and be a part of the Bellingham community. We look forward to providing you with excellent physical therapy services.

All the best,

The staff at Bellingham Physical Therapy

Welcome our new Physical Therapist Eric Eschelbach PT, DPT, QMHA

Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Portland State University in 2016. He worked in the psychology field as a residential treatment specialist, serving to assist in the rehabilitation of adults living with severe mental illness transitioning from the state hospital to semi-independent living. In 2021, Eric received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Pacific University in Oregon. After graduation, Eric worked as a travel physical therapist in Oregon, Arizona, and California at outpatient orthopedic clinics.

He now joins Bellingham Physical Therapy to combine his passion for rehabilitation in both mind and body to treat each patient holistically while addressing their musculoskeletal and neurological concerns.

What conditions does Eric treat?

Eric was trained in the Maitland Approach of Orthopedic Manual Therapy which utilizes joint mobilization and manipulation of the extremities and spine, neurodynamic techniques, stretching, stabilizing exercises, and functional exercises specific to each individual. As a result, Eric is able to treat all orthopedic conditions of the extremities as well as the spine that include but are not limited to acute injuries, pre and post-surgical rehab, age related joint pain, and chronic pain.

In addition to all orthopedic conditions, Eric works with some neurologic conditions. He treats individuals that have sustained a concussion (also known as mild TBI) and vestibular related conditions.

Is concussion rehabilitation right for me?

There are many concussion related symptoms which can greatly affect your physical, emotional, and mental health. Symptoms include but are not limited to headache, imbalance, dizziness, blurry vision, ringing in the ears, confusion, difficulty concentrating, depression, and agitation. When these symptoms last for a few weeks after the initial concussion, it is often referred to as post-concussion syndrome. If left unaddressed, these symptoms can last for months to years. A physical therapist can help to alleviate symptoms and aide in quicker recovery from these symptoms.  

A physical therapy examination will assess the neurological, orthopedic, or cardiovascular symptoms that are occurring as a result of post-concussion syndrome. The physical therapist will then provide education, manual treatment, therapeutic exercises, and/or vestibular exercises based on these symptoms. Whether you are trying to return to sport, return to work, or generally return to living life, physical therapy may be able to get you back to these activities expeditiously.  

Is vestibular rehabilitation right for me? 

If you are feeling dizzy or off balance, you may have an inner ear or vestibular issue. After the initial evaluation, a PT will determine whether or not vestibular therapy is indicated for you. Vestibular therapy is directed at assessing what the sources of your dizziness or balance issues are and addressing them with specific treatments based on your diagnosis. The treatments are designed to improve your balance and move your head and body freely without an increase in dizziness or vertigo. Vestibular related symptoms can impact your daily life in a significant way and our goal is to get you back to living your life without apprehension or fear of movement.  

A physical therapist can help to diagnose and treat BPPV, cervicogenic dizziness, PPPD (Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness), vestibular nerve hypofunction, vestibular migraine and post-surgical acoustic neuroma. Other vestibular related conditions, such as superior canal dehiscence, Meniere’s disease, and nestibular neuritis will require a referral to another specialist. In some cases, your neurologist, otolaryngologist, audiologist, or primary care physician will work in conjunction with a physical therapist in order to properly diagnose and treat the condition.    

If any of these sound like you, give us a call to schedule your appointment with Eric today!


Bellingham Physical Therapy now offering personal training! 

Starting January 2023 Bellingham Physical Therapy will be offering personal training to interested clients. Our personal training program will be run by Jessica Wilcox, NASM-CPT and will be available to anyone who has a fitness goal they wish to work towards. Our mission for personal training will be to provide services that promote health and wellness in a holistic manner that emphasizes wellness of body and mind. Our aim is to educate our clients on the benefits of making healthy choices, and to guide them on how to incorporate healthy living into their lifestyle. By incorporating movement, nutrition, and general wellness practices we will tailor programming to meet the unique needs of each individual in our care. We believe that healthy living should be enjoyable and lead to a fulfilling life, and we believe everyone deserves to feel good and enjoy life.

If you are interested in signing up for personal training follow the link below to book your appointment today, or call our office to schedule over the phone. Book today as space will be limited!

Personal Training

At Bellingham Physical Therapy we are committed to helping our clients live happy and healthy lives. That is why we are offering personal training services starting January 2023. Our mission for personal training will be to provide services that promote health and wellness in a holistic manner that emphasizes wellness of body and mind. Our aim is to educate our clients on the benefits of making healthy choices, and to guide them on how to incorporate healthy living into their lifestyle. By incorporating movement, nutrition, and general wellness practices we will tailor programming to meet the unique needs of each individual in our care. We believe that healthy living should be enjoyable and lead to a fulfilling life, and we believe everyone deserves to feel good and enjoy life.

At Bellingham Physical Therapy we understand that no two people are the same which is why we take pride in providing individualized program design for each client in our care. That means we will listen to you and take into account your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle to create a training program that will work for you.

For your convenience, we will be offering personal training both in person and virtually. Please be aware that Bellingham Physical Therapy is considered a medical facility and therefore we are required by law to wear facemasks inside the office. If you have concerns about exercising with a facemask please consider signing up for virtual appointments.

Is personal training for me?

If you have a fitness related goal then yes, personal training is probably for you! We are looking forward to working with individuals who want to improve their lives through exercise and healthy living. Whether your goal is to lose weight, live healthier, get in better shape, prepare for an event, athletic performance, learn how to exercise more consistently, build strength, or any other reason, we want to work with you to help you reach your goals. If you are unsure, or have questions about whether personal training is for you please contact us.

How it works

First appointment: The first appointment is a chance for the trainer to get to know you and for you to get to know the trainer. We will discuss your goals and what you hope to achieve with training, any health concerns that may exist and how we can keep you safe, past fitness experiences, types of exercise you like and dislike, and anything else that may be relevant to help you find success while training with us. This is also a great time for you to ask any questions you have, or raise any concerns. The first session will end with a series of fitness assessments so that we can have baseline measurements to track your progress over the course of training.

Training Sessions: Training sessions will be designed with you in mind! Each training session will be created to help you achieve your goals. Flexibility, balance, speed agility and quickness, cardio, core, plyometrics, and resistance training will all be elements included in most training sessions with specific exercises chosen with care to meet your ability level. It is important to us that you feel successful so we take care to choose exercises that are both challenging and achievable. We will never expect you do an exercise that is unsafe or feels unachievable to you.

Reassessments & Check-ins: Every 4-6 weeks we will do a reassessment of the fitness assessments we did on the first appointment, and check-in to make sure we are still on track for reaching your goals. Reassessments are an important part of the process because it allows for us to track progress and make changes if needed. Reassessments are a chance for us to celebrate the successes and make changes to the program.


Single Session: $55

Monthly Pricing Packages:

One session per week (4 per month): $220

Two sessions per week (8 per month): $400

Three sessions per week (12 per month): $540

*Disclaimer: If you choose a monthly package, you are locked in to attending the number of sessions you pay for. You will not be reimbursed if you attend less than the number of sessions you chose to pay for. Some exceptions may apply. Please call our office (360)647-0444 if you have questions about our policy.

Jessica Wilcox, NASM-CPT

Jessica has been a member of the BPT team since 2016. She attended Western Washington University where she studied Kinesiology with a focus in Sport Psychology. She became a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in November of 2022. She plans to continue studying and earning certifications through NASM in nutrition and wellness.

Jessica’s fitness philosophy is that movement in a key ingredient in living a happy and healthy life. She hopes to take this philosophy along with her knowledge and skills to help individuals find enjoyment in movement and living a healthy lifestyle. She is excited to work with a variety of people and help them achieve all of their wellness goals no matter how big or small.

Jessica was born and raised in northern California but has called Bellingham and the PNW home since 2011. She loves being outside, and can often be found mountain biking, cycling, cross country and downhill skiing, climbing, hiking, and swimming. When she wants a mellow day, she enjoys reading, watching movies, board games and enjoying community events.