patient testimonials

Please read the following testimonials from local folks who have happily recovered from various injuries and debilitating pain after receiving care from our skilled clinicians at Bellingham Physical Therapy. Their stories tell you more about our effectiveness and exactly how our physical therapists help people more than anything we could say in a marketing piece.

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“My therapist at Bellingham Physical Therapy helped relive my immediate pain and gave me an exercise routine to help correct the source of the problem and prevent further injury. The PT’s and staff at Bellingham Physical Therapy are not only professional, they have become my friends.’ — Barb W

“I love how friendly and helpful all the staff are – it always cheers me up to come in!’

“I so appreciate the whole package that is Bellingham Physical Therapy. The physical therapists are sympathetic, highly skilled and very effective. The front desk staff is friendly and informative. The location and hours are convenient and the office is bright and inviting.  I have gone from debilitating headaches that would last three days down to about one headache a month. I never would have thought this was possible. I am so very grateful and would recommend Bellingham Physical Therapy to anyone.”  -Laura L.

“Very compassionate and caring, made me feel confident in your care.”

“You and your staff treated me and those coming in, in a professional and kindly manner.”

“You listen to the patient. You ask questions of the patient about the application to be sure progress is successful and not painful.”

“You care about your patient which is so encouraging and kind.  It means so much.  Thank you to everyone!”

At my first physical therapy appointment, I showed up with a skeptical view regarding the benefits of PT, having had prior experiences that didn’t always help. Following my general practitioners recommendation, I went to see Clare at Bellingham Physical Therapy and was thrilled by the results. I arrived with pain in both knees unable to do the things I love most including running and hiking our local trails, and left a few months later running a 5K and able to enjoy my outdoor activities without reservations. A big thank you to Clare and the staff at Bellingham Physical Therapy for providing a pleasant healing atmosphere and helping me get results; I couldn’t have done it without you.”   – Jean W.